Venice-Ring Around the Rosy in St. Mark's square at Carnival, color landscape photo
© 2011 Fabio Thian. All rights reserved.

#1 Carnival is on (once again) !

I took this picture some 25 years ago and it's obviously shot on  film, I guess a grainy high Iso Kodak (can't recall more than that...). Differently from nowadays, where you can keep shooting literally till dark without the need for extra lighting, even very sensible films had a limit in what they could achieve in turn of an acceptable loss of quality.
Concerned artists would say about a picture like this one that they photographed it as such to "emphasize the energy of life" or.... you've got what I mean.
True, nice; but I also remember that was the fastest shutter speed I could use pushing the film at 3200 ASA....

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