Venice-gentleman dressed in 18th century costume on the cellphone in Venice, color landscape photo
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#3 A call from the past

The man in this picture is "clearly" a native from Venice. How can I tell?'s not so obvious, I admit, but his behavior, his posture, the  relaxed way he carries on his phone call and the self-confidence he shows, makes me thinking he is actually a real and genuine "veneziano". Besides that, I heard him talking so I didn't really guess.......
The way many local people enjoy Carnival in Venice is really peculiar, although the invasion of tourism is changing things year after year. It's not uncommon to find bartenders serving your coffee wearing beautiful 17th century venetian dresses and the same can happen when going to a post office, the fish market or sitting at a barber shop for an haircut. Venetians ARE in love with their city and Carnival is a special time of the year to show off their fondness.

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