Venice - The facade of St. Mark's Basilica at night, color photo
© 2011 Fabio Thian. All rights reserved.

#21 The magic of cathedral’s facade

• I don't indulge very often in special effects but I did an exception for this picture; I did like the result since it gives (at least from my point of view) the impression of a vision from a dream, a mirage. And in fact, the facade of the basilica overlooking St. Mark's square, does look like the work of a bizarre architect who mixed by chance arabic, romanic and gothic styles to sort a unique and outstanding result. The reality is that the construction of the basilica continued for many centuries, with the addition of decorations, marbles, statues and carvings. Many of these embellishments were the result of looting or trophies of the many wars fought from Venice against the Ottoman Turks. The Four Horses, for instance, were taken as spoils of war by the Venetians from the Hippodrome of Costantinople during the Fourth Crusade, and brought to Venice by Doge Enrico Dandolo.

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