Venice - Boys playing with pigeons in St. Mark's square, color photo
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#22 Boys in the square

• Spring is a very good time for visiting Venice; days get longer, air is crisp and clean and, although squares and streets begin to crowd, the frenzy of tourism has not started yet. It's also the typical time of the year for school trips. Its' not difficult, especially out of weekends, to meet groups of students lined up behind the teacher or gathered around him to hear the description about monuments, squares, or the city's history. As always, while some are very attentive and interested in explanations (or just more afraid of the teachers...), others are easily distracted by entertainment and curiosity. And of course one of the most popular attraction, not only for the younger ones, are the pigeons in St. Mark's Square, with whom it seems nobody can do without a souvenir photo.

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