Venice-St. Mark's square at night, color landscape photo
© 2012 Fabio Thian. All rights reserved.

#38 “Ci vediamo in piazza”

• It does happen to me quite often, when I don’t  know exactly what to do after been wandering around in town for a while, to find myself always in “la piazza” (as venetians usually call St Mark’s square).
La "piazza" is for all of us the natural and indisputable home, the office sometime, meeting point, favourite spot for a coffee, a glass of prosecco or just a little chat about the latest gossip with friends.
Whether for these or no less other important reasons, it is, since ever, an irresistible magnet. Even more in this case, when the clear winter atmosphere, combined with the bright lights of the arcades of Procuratie Vecchie, give the greatest joy for eyes and soul.


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