Venice - St. Mark's waterfront with Doge's Palace, black and white landscape photo
© 2012 Fabio Thian. All rights reserved.

#42 St Mark’s waterfront (Not the usual view of) 

• I know the subject of this picture is probably in the top ten most photographed views in the world (if not in the top five); but usually, and understandably, visitors tend to depict it in the fabulous and magic way we all know. Sunsets, dawns, mist, night pictures and so on (which I have also taken in so many occasions....). But St. Mark's is also (I'd like to say most of all, but it's not true anymore) a lively place, the hearth, main door and lounge for all residents. The waterfront, busy with all motorboats moored waiting to board people bound to various destinations in town and in the lagoon, is a witness of a place still beating of activities and businesses.


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