Venice - old man sitting on a bench in Via Garibaldi, color landscape photo
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#48 Via Garibaldi (i.e. the other Venice)

• Via Garibaldi once used to be a canal until 1807, when it became an ally originally named Via Eugenia in honor of Eugene Beauharnais, the then French viceroy of Italy.
It was only in 1866, when the Italian army entered the city and Venice was annexed to the kingdom of Italy, that the name changed into the actual one to celebrate the famous architect of the unification of Italy.
It's one of the few areas of Venice where it still remains partly intact the genuine and popular atmosphere of the city that once was, filled with the faces and voices of ordinary people busy to accomplish all common daily tasks.
You will not find here hordes of tourists struggling to keep the guide's pace nor trendy bars and celebrated fashion stores.
Instead, you might be lucky enough to sit for a moment of relax close to an elder local. They are often mouthy and you may get some valuable "insights" about where to have the best, and cheapest, fish meal just around the corner.


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