Venice - modern art statue at Punta della Dogana, color landscape photo
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#52 About a boy, his ass and other musings

• The view you can enjoy from Punta della Dogana is one of the most beautiful among the many that Venice can offer.
Especially at the golden light of dusk, one can enjoy an unobstructed scenery starting from the island of Giudecca, then S. Giorgio Maggiore with its palladian church, to continue with the open space of St. Mark's basin closed on the left by the unmistakable façade of the Doge's Palace.
Well, that was once but not anymore.

Among those immortal beauties just described, now your glance will be intercepted by a naked ass. Yes, that's precisely what I meant; it must be said it's not the bottom of some drunk tourist or gondolier depressed by the economic crisis.
Instead it belongs to an extraordinary.....piece of art known as "Boy with Frog", a sculpture that was intended to cheer the scene only for the duration of Venice Biennale 2009 modern art exhibition.
And like many other "temporary" things in Italy, is still there. Whether it should be or not part of this harmonious landscape, that's another tale...

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