Venice - Venetian resident in carnival costume waiting for waterbus, color landscape photo
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#67 Locals and carnival

• The attitude of venetians towards the carnival is very diverse; many of them, irritated by the huge crowd that invades the city for days, move out of town and don't come back until the frenzy vanishes and the city recovers a more relaxed and familiar pace.
Others, who as well can't stand the neverending mess but are not able to leave, lock themselves at home and only come out for unavoidable errands; they can be easily recognized by the noisy way with which they express their deep disapproval for the confusion and inconvenience caused by "those damn tourists!".

Then there is a third category, although a minority, of residents which seeks to join the contagious atmosphere of fun provided by the incredible "fiesta mobile" that is the Venice Carnival.
They do not need elegant and sophisticated costumes, like the gentleman who reads the newspaper waiting for the "vaporetto", but their participation is equally sincere and perhaps more genuine.

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