Venice - a cruising vessel enters into Venice harbor, color landscape photo
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#72 Big ships, bigger brawls

• As soon as the cruise season reopens, a separate, and even more flammable, chapter in the broader debate on tourism in Venice, regains popularity: the access to the harbor for large cruise ships.
It is undeniable that the entry into the lagoon with the view of the city from the top of these giants of the seas, makes the stop in Venice an irresistible attraction (I know what I'm talking about!) for passengers, and therefore a profitable option for vessel shipowners.

On the other side of the fence are those who fear for the safety of the fragile city, concerned about the possible consequences that an incident involving such big ships could have on the delicate and vulnerable environment of Venice.
In the middle, as always, stands the city, with its difficult present torn between unavoidable economic needs and understandable anxieties about its extreme vulnerability.

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