Venice - city skyline in the morning haze, color landscape photo
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#75 A mirage, long awaited

• A thin indefinite strip of palaces in the distance, magically floating on the waters on a morning mist.
This is, more or less, the same stunning scenario that for several centuries welcomed travelers arriving in Venice after a long tiring journey on the seas.
The same charming view gladdens my eyes every time I sail on the boat to go to Venice from Lido, and for this I feel a very lucky human.

In fact, the vast majority of modern visitors come to town across the lagoon on Ponte della Libertà (Freedom Bridge) which, alongside the railway bridge, connects Venice to its mainland.
For them, of course, it's still an enchanting view; but nothing compared to what I can feel every time I am on my way to St. Mark from the main entrance.

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