Venice - newstand at Ponte dell'Accademia, black and white landscape photo
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#82 Stardust memories

• As the opening of Venice Film Festival gets more and more closer, with its usual corollary of gossip about movies and celebrities, memories of my adolescence related to this event resurface and become sharper day after day.
I remember as if it was today I was a young boy and, together with a well-matched and determined band of fellow mates, we were routinely trying to access (from the beach, wearing nothing more than just a tiny swimsuit) the well guarded and exclusive Hotel Excelsior, in search of the magic encounter with movie stars and starlettes of those days.

I may have met even Sean Connery, while on duty during those festive and innocent raids; maybe....
That's how a calendar with pictures of characters from 40 years ago, suddenly brings me back to a time that we all wish we could relive.

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