• I have been working for the last thirty years in photography, lucky and thankful for doing so many different and exiciting things. But for unknown reasons, although I always dreamed of photographing the place where I was grown, I never had the chance to actually realize the idea.

• Along the years I have been taking pictures of Venice quite often and yes, every time the shutter clicked I thought that it was the right time to turn my abstract aim into something real, alive and kicking. But, again, every time I felt I was ready (and in need…) to begin with this project, the priorities and urgencies of both my professional and private everyday life diverted me away from my goal.

• I will investigate one day about the “unknown reasons”; only, for now, I just want to immerse myself in this journey inside one of the most beautiful cities of the world.

• Since ever, Venice has been, obviously, visited by gazillions of people, described in hundreds of books and novels, filmed, photographed, painted, declaimed and sung in every possible way. For this reason, some will reckon that the umpteenth photography gallery about it, is just a silly, useless, and even presumptuous ambition and, to a certain degree, I may agree with them…..

• That said, please forgive me if I can’t tell much about how this journey will evolve; in my mind I have no schemes to follow and no schedules for posting. No obligation nor commitment will keep me doing this if not the pleasure and satisfaction that photographing my hometown will certainly give to myself and thus, I hope, to everyone will come to view my images.

• For those willing to follow my path, thanks in advance for their patience, indulgence and participation.

Fabio Thian