Photo Walks in Venice

“You don’t take a photograph, you make it”

• It might seem presumptuous to quote the famous statement of an undisputed master of photography like Ansel Adams, but the truth is that his words explain in the simplest way what is the essence of photography itself.
We all can “make a photograph” instead of just taking one, as Adams emphasized; only, it will not happen because we use the latest marvel of digital technology, but because we will have trained our mind to “see” where most of the people is just able to “look at”.
The good news is that it’s easier than what you probably thought.

• My photo walks are a great opportunity for you to take advantage of the unique and inspiring environment of Venice for learning new photography skills and/or improving those you already know, with further and extensive advices and help from my long time professional experience.
I’m a Venice based pro photographer with 30+ years of career, which I have built in different fields of photography such as advertising, fashion, travel and portrait.
I speak fluent english; in addition, I am a Certified Adobe® Expert (ACE) for Lightroom.

• For this, I will be able to teach you tips and techniques of photography under its many aspects and, most important, avoiding techno jargon and in-depth camera speak which, while sometime intriguing, can often make this experience unnecessarily tedious and tiring.
Always keep in mind that photography is very much, if not all, a visual exercise, and technology is only a means and not the goal of this beautiful form of expression.

• I do believe the most effective way to learn is to practice straight in the field newly acquired knowledge; I will give you plain and easy to understand explanations, and will provide practical exercises to let you experiment at once the new skills you’ve just learned.
I will guide you through less frequented paths to typical locations that only Venetians can find as well as to the most renowned hotspots, and you will be able to come away with a stunning collection of images.
All this while wandering pleasantly in the breathtaking scenery of Venice and taking amazing photos of the most iconic locations in town.

• You can attend my Venice Photo Walks choosing between three different options:
4 Hours Photo Walk – it’s the ideal choice for those who want to get the most of it in the shortest time; whether you are a novice or an experienced enthusiast, you will have plenty of opportunities to learn the basics or to significantly improve your photographic experience.
8 Hours Photo Walk – with more time available, all different topics and issues of photography, from both technical and creative points of view, will be reviewed in detail; in addition, you will have the chance to make a more extensive and complete visit of the city. You’ll come away with a stunning collection of images of Venice.
Full Day Photo Walk – same as for 8 Hours option but with the addition of shooting from dawn to sunset (and later), to capture the most exciting atmospheres and light conditions.

• If you wish to receive more informations about my Photo Walks, please don’t hesitate to contact me filling the form below, or send me an email at info_
I will be glad to answer all your questions.


  1. Linden Cassidy

    Dear Fabio,
    Our 17 yo daughter enjoys photography, and we will be with her in Venice in a few days (visiting from the US). So I wondered if you might be free for a 4-hour photo walk on Monday Aug 30th, perhaps in the morning? And also wondering what the price would be per person. Thanks

  2. Frank Roach

    Six of us spent a morning with Fabio exploring and photographing in San Polo and Dorsoduro. I couldn’t possibly have enjoyed it more; this was the high point of two weeks in Tuscany and Venice. Fabio shared not only his experience of a lifetime photographing in Venice but but the lore that comes with having grown up in the city. Having grown up in a (relatively) old city myself, the morning made me feel like a kid again, if only for a while. Regretting only that we had just the morning, I gladly recommend Fabio to anyone fortunate enough to come to Venice.

  3. Susan Garber

    I think that my 4 hour photo tour with Fabio was perhaps my favorite experience of my
    visit to Venice. As a native of this beautiful place, he guided us into neighborhoods that I certainly would have missed. The more serious photographers of my group benefited from professional tips. I would highly recommend this experience.

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