Venice - stacked chairs outside a cafe in S. Margherita square, color landscape photo
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#85 Movida (the Venetian way)

• Like many other cities of this beginning of the 21st century, Venice too has its (sort of) nightlife district, for which the center of gravity is Campo S. Margherita, a large and irregularly shaped square located not far from the University of Cà Foscari.
The proximity of the college has likely contributed to its popularity as a meeting point among students and youngsters, perhaps coupled with the fact of being located in a peripheral area not much frequented by the ubiquitous tourism that fills the rest of the city all year round.
Like all such places, the square is empty and quiet in the early hours of the day cause cafes and bars re-open very late, since their customers need to "recover" from the toil of the previous night.

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